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Acoustic EP (Digital download)

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The debut release of 'Hope', the soulful singer/songwriter from Saint Albans in the UK. Having recorded these track at just 14 years of age, Hope's talent is undeniable, however raw.

Acoustic EP track list:

  1. So Much More (Acoustic)
  2. All I Have For You (Acoustic)
  3. Photograph Of Mind (Acoustic)
  4. Wrap Up Warm (Acoustic)

'Acoustic EP' was first released in December 2014 on which Hope worked with songwriter/producer Jack Hobbs to produce a simplistic acoustic sound that would best show her talents as a vocalist and focus the listener on the subject of each song. Her songs are informed largely by issues such as loss, illness, the fragility of life, family and belonging.

Hope's future is undoubtably bright.